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We’re driving service excellence into the entire shipping lifecycle.


Less-Than-Truckload, Expedite,

Full Truckload, Specialized

Domestic transportation is the movement of goods within the borders of North America. GO Logis’s approach drives innovation through a commitment to customer service, empowering team members with specialized freight expertise, and utilizing advanced technology to drive both efficiency and supply chain visibility for each of our customers.

Our model drives perhaps the most important aspect of any broker/shipper relationship – complete accountability to the promises we make to our customers.

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Port Services, Reefer Services,


Intermodal transportation refers to moving freight by two or more modes of transportation. With access to over 100,000 rail and private assets, GO Logis intermodal shipping is a great option to supplement capacity. Our direct rail pricing is more cost-efficient than over traditional trucking services as well as 4x more fuel efficient, reducing carbon emissions.

Get your freight delivered directly to your door by any mode or multiple modes – with the convenience of one invoice.

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Ocean Freight, Air Freight,

Custom Clearance, Border Crossing

GO Logis is changing the landscape of freight forwarding in logistics. We are a progressive, technology-focused logistics company built to serve the needs of today’s importers and exporters.

Our approach has evolved to provide an elevated service experience largely unattainable through the legacy big box forwarders.

We provide custom-tailored solutions led by integrated teams to simplify the transfer of goods in and out of the US.

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Consolidations/Transloads, Warehousing

GO Logis is changing the paradigm within the drayage industry. Drayage often falls between the international and domestic sides of transportation, leading to inadequate options for most shippers.

There is a gap in the industry with freight forwarders not managing drayage freight volumes well, steamship lines becoming increasingly less interested in providing these services, domestic brokers not understanding it, and asset-based drayage carriers being limited by their own capacity.

GO Logis provides service to every port and rail terminal in the U.S., and end-to-end visibility through our technology with a single point of contact - for every shipment, in every mode of transportation around the world.

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